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The Story of Windside

Innovation of a young man for the better of people and the world.

How the Windside story began

The story of Windside is truly an extraordinary one. It began in the late 1970s, when our founder Risto Joutsiniemi’s life path changed completely and he dedicated his life to designing and developing a unique wind power solution which today provides renewable, grid free energy around the world.

He started to work with the vision he had received while he was still studying. This vision of wind power and strong will of helping others combined as a birth of the Windside turbine. Risto himself considers the moment as gift giving and started to further design and develop the turbine. The design has since won many prices and it has been tested in laboratory conditions as well as in practise at sea, the polar areas, and mainland.

44 years later, we at Windside are still relentlessly working towards better solutions for renewable energy and off-grid energy. The global challenges and the need for sustainable energy solutions are ever increasing with climate change and other environmental challenges.

Everyone has the right to electricity, truly clean energy

Wind energy, among other renewables, is one of the keys for sustainable future. Sustainability comprehends a wide range of issues and wind power solutions are in many ways at the heart of them. Sustainable energy is about providing clean energy to everyone while preserving the nature’s resources to future generations.

By developing better systems for sustainable energy, we are able to enhance the lives of millions of people in remote and rural areas as well as in cities and residential areas.

The leading philosophy driving Windside Production is well defined by Risto:    “We believe everyone has the right to electricity, to pollution-free electricity: truly clean energy”.

The first Windside WS-4 in 1984.