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Windside wind turbines are made to last. A proper and regular maintenance ensure the long life span.

A: Windside wind turbines are designed for harsh and demanding environment where not grid-connection is available. Such areas are often unmanned. Due to this fact we have built a wind turbine that can operate reliably and is almost maintenance-free. Only maintenance needed is the lubrication of the bearings, which can be done also automatically. The automatic lubrication system provides circa 5 years free maintenance interval which means that the turbine can operate autonomously for 5 years.

A: This depends on the chosen lubrication system.

If the customer has chosen a manual lubrication, one grease tube will last for approx. 5 years. The manual lubrication need to be done 2-3 times a year.

If the turbine has a automatic lubrications system, the 18 kg grease (obligatory for the automatic lubrication system) will last for approx. 5 years. The grease is not recommended to be stored, therefore a new 18 kg bucket must be purchased after 5 years. Please note that the Windside grease is the only grease that can be used for Windside wind turbines. If any other grease is being used, the warranty is not valid.

A: If the bearings are lubricated according to our instructions, the life-span of the bearings is approx. 10 years or more.

A: for models WS-0,15 and WS-0,30 anyone can replace the bearings. The replacing procedure is clearly explained in the Instruction and Operation Manual.

When it comes to larger models, such as WS-2 and WS-4, the bearings are allowed to be changed only by an authorized assembling company.