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Hybrid Energy Towers

A hybrid energy tower is any combination of generating technologies & energy storage systems which are mounted in/on a high mast or tower of some design.  Use of a tower enables high renewable energy production from a very small footprint, better access to wind, shade-free solar panel mounting, secure equipment from theft or vandalism, smaller area to secure, and leasing (monetisation) of tower space for telecom, TV, radio, or advertising.


  • Attract customers: project a highly visible eco-conscious image
  • Urban wind power generation: soudless generation with minimal transmission losses
  • Micro-grids in rural or off-grid areas: autonomous electricity generation points
  • Telecom tower power system

Hybrid Energy Towers

Tower Design

100% customisable. Towers are designed according to local visual & aesthetic preferences while adhering to critical technical parameters.  Engage with Windside to define the technical parameters.  Then commission your own tower design or competition.

Tower Manufacture

Towers can be manufactured by local companies, international tower suppliers, or by Windside subcontractors.