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Building-Integrated Wind Turbine Systems

Soundless.  Vibration-free. Safe.

Windside wind turbines of all sizes can be integrated/mounted on new buildings or retro-fit onto old buildings.  Multiple units of various sizes can be inter-connected to achieve the desired power output.  All systems are delivered ready-to-install with IP-rated turbine electrical integration & grid-connection cabinets.  These are the only soundless & reliable wind power options for your building’s renewable energy system.

We work with architects, construction engineers, electrical engineers, and building owners to specify & deliver a systems tailored for your needs.

Building Integration

Project Highlights

Pearl River Tower 珠江城大厦, Guangzhou, China

World’s most energy efficient skyscraper

Pearl River Tower is the new home of China National Tobacco Corporation.  It was designed by world famous architects Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill (SOM) and fully completed in 2013. The 309-meter high building incorporates solar panels, double skin curtain wall, chilled ceiling system, under floor ventilation air, daylight harvesting and wind power to achieve energy efficiency.

Windside supplied a total of four 5M-tall turbines; one for each wind tunnel that goes through the building at heights of 100M and 200M. The wind-tunnel effect compresses & speeds up airflow to allow the turbines to produce about 5 % of the building’s total annual energy needs. Per client requirements/requests, a custom design feature was incorporated to minimize turbine damage in earthquakes & typhoons.

Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China
Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China

Canton Tower 广州塔, Guangzhou, China

World’s 4th tallest free-standing structure

Canton Tower is a functional radio/TV transmission, observation, and tourist attraction tower. At 600M, it is the tallest building in China and 4th tallest in the world.  Windside provided two WS-4B turbines at the height of 200 meters to offset the structure’s grid energy consumption.

Guangzhou Canton Tower
Guangzhou Canton Tower

Viikki Environment House: City of Helsinki, Environmental Office and University of Helsinki’s Campus of Environmental Sciences

Finland’s most energy efficient office building

Completed in 2011, Windside supplied 4 WS-030B turbines as a linear power station for the rooftop-edge.  They provide power to offset the building’s grid energy consumption.

Project Summary: Viikki Project Summary