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Da Jin Shan Radar Station

The Da Jin Shan nature reserve is a fascinating story to share about Windside turbines reaching enticing places. Four Windside wind turbines were shipped out to China in the early 2010s, to power up a radar station situated in a nature reserve area on an Island of Shanghai.

Windside turbines were chosen for this site because they fulfilled various specific requirements.

Firstly, the turbines are soundless. Soundlessness relates to another unique feature of the turbines: they cause no radio wave disturbance, which enables the usage of wind power for this specific purpose and site.

Four Windside WS-4B wind turbines producing power for a radar station in China
Four Windside wind turbines set up at tip of a cape in Da Jin Shan, Shanghai. Shanghai at the background.

Secondly, the radar station being situated in a nature reserve also determined that the wind turbines had to be safe for birds and other wildlife. The spiral and vertical shape and the gentle swirling of the two sail shaped wind vanes makes the turbine visible to birds and animals. If anything bumps into – or stumbles upon the turbine, it stops.

Lastly the turbines are a grid free solution to a remote area, where electricity is otherwise unreachable. They are also fairly easy to set up. Heavy machinery is not required.

The site of the radar station is in a remote location one can only reach by foot, and treading is allowed only on designated paths in the middle of the lush but vulnerable jungle. The crew setting up the tower and the wind turbines used an ancient method of moving heavy objects: rolling them forward on round wood logs. The going was very slow and the apes, native to the island, seemed to be amused by the crew’s bustle. Imagine this crew of men carefully treading ahead in the jungle, rolling giant boxes on the narrow pathway, careful not to break the vegetation or to disturb the nature and the spying wildlife around them.

Jungle path
The set up crew carrided all the equipment at the site by foot.

The venture would not be a venture if everything went according to plan or without any incidents. The set-up crew came to a halt on the path in the jungle, where a large tropical tree had grown on the path, blocking the way, so that the huge boxes in which the turbines were packed, could not be squeezed through. The men did not get a permit to cut the tree down, so that they could get through and on with the journey by rolling the boxes on top the logs.  The only option was to open the boxes and carry the turbines on their shoulders. Each turbine weighed 800 kg! The determination of these men! I am truly sorry we do not have pictures of this.

Monkeys gathering on a path in Da Jin Shan
The island is home of thousands of protected monkeys who entertained themselves by spying the set up crew.

In spite of the rather challenging set up for this project, the four turbines were successfully established and are silently doing their valuable job at the secluded area in the midst of thousands of apes of the jungle in Shanghai.

Heavy Machinery is not permitted in the nature reserve area
Heavy machinery is not permitted on the island so the set up crew used ropes to lift the WS wind turbines to the top of the tower.

The Windside wind turbines have been producing power for the radar station at Da Jin Shan nature reserve for nearly a decade. The design of the Windside turbines is perfect for the site because they are soundless and do not disturb radio singnals nor the environmenet. The wind turbines are producing safe, renewable energy in areas whitout general grid.

The scenery in Da Jin Shan island, Thailand
The radar station with four wind turbines fits into the scenery of Da Jin Shan island seamlessly.